Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Oral Health

Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Oral Health

Good dental health is important not just for our mouth but for our body as well. It can affect our overall health as well as self-esteem. It can make us feel good about ourselves. 

Aggressive Brushing

This bad habit puts too much pressure on your teeth’s enamel and gums. If you brush more than three times a day, you may be putting too much force on your mouth. It is important to find the correct toothbrush for you. Talk to your dentist about the best toothbrush size for your teeth and gums. You should also use a soft-bristled toothbrush to protect your gums from uneven wear and tear. 

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is one of the most common habits that cause damage to our oral health. Often called bruxism, the condition is so common that it affects many people at some point in their lives. While nighttime teeth grinding is not common, some people do grind their teeth while asleep. This habit can cause the enamel to erode very quickly and result in a number of complications, such as sensitive teeth and headaches. To prevent further damage from tooth grinding, patients can wear a mouth guard at night when they sleep. Mouth guards are plastic mouthpieces that protect the teeth and gums during teeth grinding. Patients should visit their dentists to get fitted for a mouth guard for relief of symptoms associated with teeth grinding.

Nail Biting

Nail biting is a habit that a lot of people struggle with. It can be very tempting to nibble on your nails when you feel stressed or nervous. Nail biting can cause a variety of problems to the teeth and surrounding tissue. The habit can chip and break your teeth over time, which can cause you to lose a tooth. Nail biting can also cause jaw pain and stiffness and contribute to poor dental health by transferring bacteria from the fingers to the tongue and in between the teeth. The best way to kick the habit is to try to distract yourself by putting your hands in your pockets and focusing on something else. 


Smoking is another bad habit that can cause a lot of damage to our oral health. Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that can leave you with bad breath and yellowed teeth. They can also increase your risk of developing gum disease and oral cancer. If you smoke, you should tell your dentist about it so that they can monitor your oral condition more closely. You may want to consider quitting altogether to lower your risk of disease and improve your oral health.

Using Teeth As Tools

Did you know that many people use their teeth to open bottles or packages? This can cause chips and cracks in your teeth. Biting your nails or using your teeth to tear open packaging is something that most people do without even thinking about it. But over time, these actions can lead to chips, cracks, and other damage to your teeth. In some cases, it can even lead to tooth loss. So, stop the habit and use the proper tools designed for the purpose.

Not Scheduling Regular Dental Visits

Visiting the dentist every six months for dental checkups and cleanings is another critical component of good oral health. Even if you don’t notice any symptoms, it is important to have regular dental visits. Your dentist will be able to detect any problems early so that they can be treated in their early stages.

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