Bridal Season, Invisalign Season!

Bridal Season, Invisalign Season!

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for weddings. Brides will invest in everything they can to look and feel their best! From working out and healthy diets, to hair colour and cosmetic procedures – the list goes on! Of course, that also includes investing in their smile! After all, it is something they are going to flash all day (and night) long! 

Did you know that Invisalign Clear Aligners was voted #1 Most Popular Wedding Beauty Treatment for Brides? Specific media outlets such as Brides, have raved and added it as part of your ‘wedding beauty regimen’. 

Raving reviews from RealSelf read “Invisalign [treatment] has given me so much confidence!” a 28-year-old bride-to-be wrote on RealSelf. “My boyfriend of 12 years proposed and the thought of not feeling confident with my smile on my wedding day horrified me, so I went to see about getting Invisalign [aligners]… Three weeks before I got married, my teeth are all straight and look amazing.”

At Belman Dental Centre, we are beyond ecstatic to help you prepare for your special day! We recommend coming in for a consultation around 1 year prior to your wedding. We can review your case and personalize your treatment plan to achieve your smile goals! 

Our iTero machine allows us to scan your teeth digitally. This means no messy or gooey impressions! From there, we can show you a 3D simulation of what your results will look like in under 30 minutes! Quick, modern and efficient! 

We will customize your Invisalign aligners to your teeth. They will need to be worn for approximately two weeks, and after that you’ll receive your next set in the series. Depending on your case, treatment can last anywhere from 9 months to over 1 year. You will also need to visit your dentist every 6 weeks to make sure that your treatment is progressing in accordance with your treatment plan.

Our team is here to answer any questions you have! Ready to get the confident smile you’ll show off on your big day? Book your consultation by contacting our Toronto office! P.S. Grooms are encouraged too! 

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