Dark Gums – Can They Be Changed?

Dark Gums – Can They Be Changed?

Many people are self-conscious about their dark gums and wish to have them changed to more of a coral shade. If your dark gums bother you, there are procedures that can help you change the colour of your gums but before jumping into this option, it’s important to know what causes dark gums and if changing them is right for you.

The first thing patients must understand is that gums contain pigment similar to skin and that it’s natural for gums to come in a variety of different shades. Individuals with darker skin tend to have a higher level of pigment in the gums and if they happen to be dark because of genetics, there is nothing to be concerned about as this is completely natural. Dark gums can be perfectly healthy, although if you prefer a pigment that is closer to pink, there are ways of lightening pigmented gums.

Certain aspects can affect the colour of a person’s gums, so if you notice a change, it can be because of lifestyle influences. Medications, for example, can result in a darker gum colour as can smoking, which will affect your gums significantly. If you’re concerned about your dark gums, it may be time to speak with your doctor about changing medications if that is a possibility so that your gums are not affected any longer. Cutting out smoking is a great idea that will make a very big difference not just on your gums but for your overall health as well. Should you wish to pursue a lightening procedure, quitting smoking will not only help your gums recover it will also allow them to maintain their lighter colour.

In some cases, dark gums can be a sign of other serious issues like gum disease, which can lead to discolouration. If a patient’s gum tissue is dying, it means they are suffering from an oral disease that is causing their gums to look unhealthy. This is not just concerning in terms of appearance but for the health of the gums. Gum disease is very serious and can be very dangerous, which is why it must be addressed before changing its colour.

Gum lightening is possible through a surgical procedure during which an experienced gum specialist will treat the patient while they are numb using a local anesthetic. A consultation beforehand is required so that the current health of the gums, treatment and recovery process are discussed in great detail to ensure the procedure is suitable.

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