Dr. Belman Featured In Trauma-Informed Dentistry Movement Article On The Healthy Debate!

Dr. Belman Featured In Trauma-Informed Dentistry Movement Article On The Healthy Debate!

We are pleased to share Dr. Belman’s recent contribution to the Healthy Debate discussing ‘Focus on the tooth and the person’: The movement for trauma-informed dentistry

The online article discusses a trauma-informed care approach to dentistry. This can be described as a practice that can be helpful to children, patients with sensitivities or anyone who’s experienced trauma. The article references “Noah Belman, a Toronto-based dentist who practices trauma-informed care, notes that dental care has a checkered past when it comes to considering patients’ emotional state.” 

The article continues, “Historically, dentists were tooth-focused, not necessarily patient-focused,” he told me. “It was ‘get the work done by whatever means,’ regardless of the effect on the psyche. The focus has shifted in many, but not all, settings.”

The get-it-done approach can have long-term consequences, such as when a patient develops a phobia about going to the dentist (odontophobia). As the old adage goes, “Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away.” Patients who avoid the dentist may face a host of problems including untreated tooth decay, gum disease and infection. Those with chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes may be at greater risk of dental emergencies that require urgent care.”

To read the full online article, please click here.  

At Belman Dental Centre we are proud to use a patient-first trauma-informed approach. We focus on the patient’s needs and what works best for them, for their treatment (not just what gets the job done). While The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, the professional association “does not have specific guidance on ‘trauma-informed care – it is not something we forgo. It is a movement that we prioritize.  

Confidently book your next dental appointment at our clinic located in Toronto. We look forward to helping you feel at ease while providing you the treatment you need for optimal oral health.

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