Four Oral Injuries That Require Emergency Dental Care

Four Oral Injuries That Require Emergency Dental Care

Preventive dental maintenance is important to ensure your oral hygiene is healthy. Knowing what types of injuries require emergency dental care to try and avoid them is apart of preventive maintenance. Oral injuries can occur at any moment and some may be more detrimental than others and require a trip to the emergency room. To ensure that you’re not wasting time and gas to go to the emergency room when it isn’t necessary, Belman Dental has prepared a list of the dental injuries that require immediate attention.

Here’s Our List Of The Top Four Dental Injuries That Require Emergency Care:

Broken/Knocked Out Teeth

Although it is relatively common to bite too hard on a food item and have your tooth crack or break as a result, sometimes the crack can be very dangerous. Depending on where the tooth is located and if there is damage such as a large part of your tooth missing, you may require immediate medical attention. To take immediate action prior to getting to the emergency room, try to put the tooth back into the socket and bite down on a wet tea bag or saltwater gauze to reduce the pain.

A Missing Filling Or Crown

Losing a filling or crown may feel like more of an inconvenience than anything. However, when left untreated, a severe problem can ensue. Crowns and fillings fall out for a number of non-threatening reasons that can be resolved easily. Yet, when the filling or crown area is left untreated, food debris can build up in them and cause bacteria to form. It is of vital importance to seek emergency care when this occurs to prevent any further damage from taking place. 

Excessively Bleeding Gums

It can be common to have some bleeding after brushing or flossing for those that may not regularly do both. However, bleeding that will not stop even after applying pressure to the area is a cause for concern. The cause may be from a deep wound in the gums and requires immediate medical attention. Apply gauze to the area on your way to emergency care to try and stop some of the bleedings if possible. 

Exposed Nerve In The Tooth

The severely scarring pain of an exposed nerve in the tooth is enough to have you racing to the emergency room. An exposed nerve is an injury that inflicts pain from eating, drinking and even breathing. For temporary relief, Belman Dental Centre suggests chewing a piece of sugarless gum and then applying it to the exposed nerve to cover the area. 

If you are suffering from a dental emergency, contact Belman Dental Centre at 416-486-1136. Our caring, compassionate dental professionals will treat your injury with the utmost care promptly. Overlooking oral hygiene, an emergency can lead to further severe, preventable dental risks. Visiting our dental office for routine cleanings and care can help to avoid such injuries from occurring. For more information on dental emergencies and how you can prevent them, contact us today! 

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