Stay On Top Of Your Overall Health, With Your Oral Health!

Stay On Top Of Your Overall Health, With Your Oral Health!

Many of us think that oral health just means brushing your teeth, but is there more to it? When you feel good, you look good, and the truth can be said about our smiles, too! At Belman Dental Centre, we believe knowledge is key to owning your oral health. We are here to talk about why a healthy smile means a healthy body, and the things we can do to improve your oral health!

Why Is Oral Health So Important?

Your oral health can be a telltale sign of a bigger problem. Periodontitis is an oral bacterial disease, where the patient experiences severe inflammation of the gums, potentially leading to tooth loss. Poor oral health conditions, like periodontitis can increase the risk of a bacterial infection in the bloodstream. This can create problems for other pre-existing conditions you might already have. Patients who suffer from diabetes, or who have artificial heart valves may be at greater risk. This is due to the extra strain of your body working harder to help fight off oral bacteria. 

What Can I Do?

The best course of action is always to be on top of your daily oral care routine. It’s recommended we brush a minimum of twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, for two minutes each time. Flossing is essential in the fight against periodontitis, as this can help remove food particles and bacteria trapped in your gum line. This should be done before you brush your teeth. Other tips to help your oral health include, limiting sugary foods, and abstaining from smoking.

It’s very important to have regular check ups with your dentist. Although you may be trying your best to clean at home, some things need to be left to a professional! As plaque can build up on your teeth and gum line, this can eventually harden and become what is known as tartar. This tough substance plays a large part in periodontal disease and can only be removed by a dental professional.

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Dr. Belman and our staff are passionate about your oral health and overall wellbeing! Our practice has a special focus in restorative dentistry and offers a variety of services such as Invisalign, dental implants and emergency dental care. Give us a call at 416-486-1136 to book a consultation, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and helping you improve your or

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