Teeth Whitening Myths Vs. Facts

Teeth Whitening Myths Vs. Facts

Teeth whitening has become an extremely popular procedure across the globe with more people desiring cleaner, whiter-looking teeth. There are various methods to do so, whether it be whitening toothpaste, the dental procedure itself or using tools from home; having lasting pearly whites is the goal. It is important to understand what is fact and fiction about teeth whitening before going for the procedure. Listed below are the top myths about teeth whitening debunked and the facts proven.

Teeth Whitening Will Irritate Sensitive Teeth: Myth

Teeth whitening is a very safe procedure done by professionals that know how to effectively brighten teeth, regardless of how sensitive they are. Dentists will often use a sensitive toothpaste prior to the teeth whitening session or a gum guard during the procedure to avoid any discomfort. Just because you have sensitive teeth, doesn’t mean you have to neglect yourself from getting rid of those yellow stains!

You Cannot Whiten Caps Or Veneers: Fact

Caps and veneers are designed to match and suit the colour of the teeth that you already have. They cannot be whitened the way that organic teeth can due to the material they are made of. Dentists will suggest teeth whitening prior to having caps, veneers or fillers installed in order to have an even set of white teeth.

Teeth Whitening Gives You Perfect, White Teeth: Myth

Teeth whitening has been proven to be a successful procedure in erasing yellow stains and discolouration; however, that does not guarantee that your teeth whitening procedure will be as picture-perfect as expected. Each person’s set of teeth respond differently, but Belman Dental Centre guarantees results that will impress in as little as 30 minutes. 

Sensitivity Post Teeth Whitening Is Expected: Fact

It is not only normal but expected to have sensitivity on your teeth after your whitening session. During a whitening procedure, based on damaged teeth or thin enamel, your teeth will feel a bit of irritation, which will usually dissipate within a day. Belman Dental Centre always provides clients with a fluoride treatment after whitening to help with the sensitivity.

You Only Have To Whiten Your Teeth Once: Myth

Like most procedures, teeth whitening does not last forever and must be maintained every three years. The period of time between whitening sessions does differentiate between each person based on the consumables that may stain teeth, including coffee and red wine or smoking. To get your money’s worth of your teeth whitening procedure, try to avoid beverages, foods and/or tobacco products that may damage your teeth and result in you requiring another whitening session sooner than desired.

With this safe and effective teeth whitening procedure, your teeth can be restored and revitalized to a healthy, brighter result that will make you smile. Belman Dental Centre’s dentists prioritize your oral health and get the job done swiftly to give you the confidence you deserve. With a variety of whitening services from tray whitening, scale and polish to zoom whitening; the Belman Dental Centre will help you decide on the most effective procedure for you.

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