What To Do If Your Child Loses A Tooth Prematurely

What To Do If Your Child Loses A Tooth Prematurely

Your child losing their tooth is a big, exciting deal. However, those feelings can transition to worry and fear if they lose their baby tooth prematurely. Baby teeth play quite a significant role in a child’s oral health and development. When a tooth falls out or is pulled out before its time, it can increase the likelihood of orthodontic issues in the future. This can be avoided by preserving your child’s teeth with proper oral hygiene care and protective precautions.

To learn more about premature tooth loss and what you can do to prevent this from happening to your child, here’s everything you need to know.


Baby teeth are important for a number of reasons, from aiding in speech development to helping your little one chew properly and comfortably. Regular tooth loss often begins around age 6 for most children and is usually complete by age 12. The baby teeth fall out on their own as permanent teeth are pushing against them and ready to replace them. This process can erupt if the tooth is accidentally removed or knocked out as the result of bad oral health. The space that is left after the premature loss of a tooth usually has a space maintainer to fill it until the permanent tooth emerges. 

Certain health diseases can also cause premature tooth loss. Some of the diseases that cause this include:

  • Blood diseases
  • Tooth over or across from the tooth loss side can become elongated
  • Less length on the dental arch, which can cause crowding
  • Aesthetic issues


Although sometimes premature tooth loss can be unavoidable in the event of an injury or accident, it can be prevented as a result of oral health disease. Protect your child’s teeth by doing the following:

Routine Dental Checkups: Children should visit a kid’s dentist or family dentist in Toronto as soon as their first tooth grows in or by 12 months of age. Belman Dental Centre helps children learn about oral health and how to maintain healthy teeth and gums at an early age. Prevention and maintenance are key to prevent cavities and other oral health diseases from developing, such as premature tooth loss.

Regular Oral Health Care: Your children should always be brushing for two minutes twice daily and flossing once each day. Flossing and brushing protect teeth and gums from harmful sugars and acids that lead to dental decay.

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