What You Can Eat After A Tooth Extraction

What You Can Eat After A Tooth Extraction

Whether you have just undergone an emergency or an intentional tooth extraction, your oral cavity is in a delicate state. Our team at Belman Dental Centre will provide you with the care and instructions you need post-procedure to help your oral and overall health stay on track. After your tooth has been removed, there are a few things we recommend to eat and not to eat. 

What To Eat 

Soft-Serve Ice Cream – if you do not have sensitive teeth, ice cream – specifically soft-serve is a treat you can enjoy. It is cool and soft enough to eat comfortably. The cold can also help to minimize any natural swelling in the mouth. 

Yogurt is also a great option. You can add a few small berries or soft fruit to this as well. Just avoid adding any granola or nuts as these have sharp edges which will be too abrasive in the mouth.

Cool Soup which can be a pureed, or a gazpacho too. Many soups contain nutrients including protein to help the muscles in your face feel better. Make sure the soup is as smooth as possible to avoid any discomfort. 

Smoothies with fresh fruits and veggies will be full of nutrients too! The coolness of a smoothie can also help with swelling and discomfort. 

Scrambled Eggs – just make sure they aren’t served too hot! They are gentle, high in protein and are not too difficult to chew. 

What Not To Eat

Spicy and Acidic Foods can irritate your oral cavity and incisions. 

Crunchy Foods can tear or pull at sore areas of your mouth. Little bits from these foods can also get stuck and cause more discomfort too. 

Straws should also be avoided to consume any food or drinks as the suction can harm sensitive areas in your mouth too. 

Post-Extraction Reminders 

Dr. Belman and our dental team are here for you! We recommend sticking to soft and cool foods until we direct otherwise. This is to keep your oral cavity and health on the right track to recovery! For questions about oral health concerns, oral hygiene checks, tooth extractions and more – contact our professional and friendly dental office in Toronto.

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