Chipped Teeth Straightening in Toronto, ON

Teeth straightening, or orthodontics is a dental procedure that gently guides the teeth into their proper positions. It improves the appearance and function of the teeth. Teeth can be straightened using metal or ceramic braces. Invisalign clear aligners can also straighten the teeth.

Advantages of Straightening Your Teeth?

Straighter teeth are healthier teeth! By having straighter, properly aligned teeth, you can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. That’s because crooked teeth lead to difficult cleanings and brushing that causes plaque buildup between teeth and along the gum line. This leads to inflamed gums and bad breath.

Straighter teeth also help prevent TMJ disorder, which happens when your jaw isn’t in the correct position and causes pain when chewing or talking. Additionally, misaligned teeth can lead to uneven wear on your teeth and increased sensitivity.

Closing gaps in your smile with braces can also prevent chipping of teeth that can occur when the teeth don’t have proper support around them.

Straightening Chipped Teeth

There are a number of things that could cause a tooth to be chipped or broken, including:

  • A blow to the mouth or face
  • Biting down on something hard or sharp
  • Grinding your teeth during sleep
  • Misaligned teeth due to wisdom teeth or other problems
  • Bad habits like chewing on pens, pencils, and fingernails
  • Oral health issues such as gum disease or tooth decay

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Chipped Teeth Straightening in Toronto, ON with Braces

A damaged tooth must be restored before a bracket or band can be placed on it. This will prevent further damage from occurring during treatment and will also improve the overall state of your oral health. Your orthodontist will help you determine what type of restoration is appropriate for your case, whether it is an inlay, onlay, dental crown, or other option. After the restoration is in place, the brackets and bands can be bonded to the tooth structures.

How Is Chipped Tooth Repaired

A chipped or cracked tooth can be repaired by your dentist using bonding, veneers, or crowns. If a tooth has taken a chip and is more susceptible to fractures, it’s recommended that patients get a crown over the tooth to protect teeth from further harm. Porcelain crowns are one of the most durable cosmetic restorations available and are able to withstand heavy wear and tear.

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